About our foodbank

Here is an introduction to Barrow foodbank.

Our foodbank is a project founded by local churches and community groups, working together towards stopping hunger in our local area.

Barrow Foodbank came into being when Dot Jackson realized that the cupboard at St. Mark’s Church was not able to feed everyone in food poverty in Barrow. Abbey Road Baptist Church gave us premises in their church.

We serve 6 communities in Barrow that are ranked in the top 3% of the most deprived communities nationally. There are 3 communities in the Central ward while the remaining 3 are Ormsgill, Hindpool and Barrow island. We opened 2 additional distribution centres: one in Millom and the other in Ulverston. As a result the demand on the foodbank has grown which we have been able to meet with the generosity of the people of Barrow, Millom and Ulverston.

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