Good news – cap for people with prepayment meters


From 1 April 2017 the amount of money suppliers can charge a domestic prepayment meter (PPM) customer will be subject to a temporary price cap. The key points of this are: Ofgem estimate that many prepayment customers are likely to see reductions in their gas bill of around 10-15% from 1 April 2017 or around […]

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April 2017 Newsletter


Barrow food bank’s April newsletter is now available for download in two formats: PDF HTML 

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March 2017 Newsletter

barrow foodbank - thanks note - march 2017 news

Barrow food bank’s March newsletter is now available for download in two formats: PDF HTML 

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Take part in our 40 for 40 challenge this Lent


With people struggling to afford food living locally, it is important that we can continue to support families in crisis throughout the Easter period. We provide essential emergency food, emotional support and practical advice to families who live near you and really need us. The challenge We are asking people to join us in taking […]

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January 2017 Newsletter


Barrow foodbank’s January newsletter is now available for download in two formats: PDF HTML 

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December 2016 – Newsletter


Barrow foodbank’s December newsletter is now available for download in two formats: PDF HTML 

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Barrow Foodbank is now a Fuelbank too!


Clients who receive support from the Foodbank will now be able to access support to top up gas and electricity meters too. The scheme is operating in 40 food banks across the country and is being funded by npower, who have made a charitable redress following an Ofgem investigation. Ann Mills of Barrow Foodbank, said […]

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Barrow Foodbank Update 4th October 2016


Dear Friends, Life has been very busy here at the foodbank. We have had our annual audit and are waiting for our report but think all has gone well. We have also lost a number of our core volunteers to illness or work and family needs. We are asking if anyone would be interested in […]

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You need a tin to get in


The following events are due to run from the 3rd to 8th of October in ‘The Hope and Anchor’ Ulverston and you’ll need a tin to get in. The tins are then donated to the foodbank. A full list of events organised in Ulverston so far are below. Monday 3rd Hope and Anchor: Delicate Little […]

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Thank you – Tesco Big Collection


Thank you so much to all the people who donated food and money to Barrow Foodbank at Tesco Flass Lane over the weekend. We collected 420.2kg of food which equates to 1200 meals! Thanks also to the Tesco staff who made our volunteers feel welcome.

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